Ittrium Cryptocurrency

The novel approach to increasing liquidity

Our Mission

The Ittrium team strives to develop a market leading cryptocurrency, that is price stable (in terms of BTC value), offering reasonable returns via Proof of Stake and Masternode rewards.

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Ittrium Specs

Proof of Stake
27% of block rewards

73% of block rewards

Max. Supply
33,000,000 XIT

495,000 XIT (1.5%)

Ports (P2P / RPC)
39993 / 50369

Block Time
60 Seconds

Block Size
2 MB

Block Maturity
60 Blocks

Block Confirmations
6 Blocks


Masternode Cost
5,000 XIT

Ittrium Features

The Ittrium team has utilized open source technologies developed by Bitcoin, DASH and PIVX to create a novel, price stable, decentralized digital cryptocurrency that allows for near instantaneous private transactions with minimal fees.

Novel | Ittrium


We have developed a novel concept we believe will improve liquidity, which in turn, will minimise exposure and reduce investment risk.

Swift | Ittrium


SwiftTX is a feature facilitated by masternodes that allows transactions to be processed prior to the next block allowing for near-instant transactions, greatly increasing transaction speed compared to conventional blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin.

Private | Ittrium


A coin mixing feature known as Obfuscation provides a high-level of anonymity, allowing Ittrium users to send and receive private transactions.

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